Have you got a reader?

They make blogging all very exciting. They fill your blog with spark. They are the central motivation for every blog-writer. A “thank you for the read” would never do complete justice of their worth, they deserve a louder appraisal, a deeper recognition and a bigger honor.  So, here’s just a small attempt to portray the colors of the wonderful community of readers with a label over each of them:

The ‘nice post’ type: These are generally people who read all sort of content, even though it doesn’t match their taste. You find their names often below your posts. Most of the time, they do so expecting a visit from you on their own site. Unfortunately, they add very little value with their cold responses and really need to grow up quick.

The ‘do not agree’ type: They can make your blogging hours a little sour, reason for this is coz they are argumentative by nature. They don’t easily agree with the picture you try to draw and you always have a tough time coping-up. But it’s all okay, coz after all they are adding a different flavor to your life, teaching you to hold ground to your opinions more strongly and at times all these turns out into a source of new ideas.

The ‘no comments’ type: They are as regular as any other visitor of your blog. They read your posts with all the vigor; you get to see their gravatar often beside the like button but they hardly ever take a moment to stop by and drop a feedback. No explanations for why!

The ‘too much to say’ type: Have you ever had a two-fifty word comment below your hundred word poem? Queer, isn’t it? Yeah! I agree that at times it happens for a purpose, and in fact it’s something really to take pride in if your write-ups make the reader pour out their heart before you. But, you would also agree that in most cases it’s more because they carry the habit to go on writing and writing ‘even in a comment box’.

The ‘same here’ type: We all are different and so are our lives expected to be. Too much of relevance is something never agreeable. If somebody is associating himself with everything you share right from your opinions and your instincts to the episodes that occur in your life, you really need to be quick in saying a goodbye to this ‘fake’ mate!

The ‘make it funny’ type: Perhaps, most of us carry the opinion that blogging is a very serious business and we act accordingly. However, it’s really a fortunate thing that there are people who are not strong believers of this norm and they can’t help making it appear silly and funny. Their amazing sense of humor makes them stand-out in our mind permanently.

The ‘too much friendly’ type: They don’t even realize that there’s quite a difference between FB and WP and that comment boxes are not for casual conversations but for relevant response over the post. They take blogging sites as yet another social network where there are more write-ups than anything else. They are probably not even aware of the principles of blogging and very often end up annoying others.

The ‘once in a while’ type: They show-up after many months, in fact, when you have already forgotten that they exist somewhere in the community. May be these guys are not very passionate about reading or are poor in mingling up, but anyway they always deserve equal attention and love. Embrace them with warmth and they would turn more regular gradually.

The ‘a good friend’ type: Most of the people who visit my blog are from this section actually. They check out your work on a regular basis, take time to appreciate your efforts and stand really generous towards you. With time, the relationship both of you share turns quite affectionate and ultimately you begin recognizing them as a friend.

The ‘more than a reader’ type: These are generally blog-writers having massive followers of their own. They take a little time out for surfing through others’ blog coz they are a soulful reader too and love exploring the work of other people. They never follow you expecting just a follow-back and never flatter in the comments selfishly. Their words are the strongest pillars to take your blog to heights. You are really very fortunate if you have a reader of this breed.

*Let us know if you are aware of any other troop of readers and that how you label them.



17 thoughts on “Have you got a reader?

  1. Nice post. This shows you are somehow annoyed by some of them. Anyways I would love to have feedback from a reader who is a great blogger like the one type you mentioned last on the post.
    Plus there is another troop, the people who dont conpletely red, just skin through or read begining and ending.then they comment wothout thinking. And we are like “hello, haven’t you read it all.it was clearly mentioned” type things. But in the end these are the people who motivate is to write more.

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    1. yup, you pointed it out fairly, these guys lack a li’l bit of patience but it’s understandable and yes rightly said -all your readers count, in one way or the other they benefit our own growth.

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  2. “The ‘no comments’ type” <– That describes me adequately up until now, I think. It's not that I don't have the time; I'm usually too shy to comment. XD (So in my case, you now have an explanation! XD) However, today, I'll step out of my shell for a moment to leave you some feedback… 🙂 Great post! It's very thought out and was a pleasure to read! Keep up the great work! 😀

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  3. What a great post. I am new to the blogging world and am still trying to find my way. I try really hard not to just comment for the sake of commenting, but I will read without saying anything. If I don’t have a strong opinion or something worthwhile to say, why do it? Thanks for the insight. I will be reading more!

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  4. This was a humorous post because it is so true! I enjoyed the dry humor and relatability (if that’s even a word) of this post.
    Readers do bring so much excitement to writing. When I see the small orange notification dot, it sparks up my passion for writing!

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  5. I think you missed the type who probably just goes to the blogs and clicks like without even reading the posts.
    I notice that some do that coz I figure that it shows in my “bell thingy” (on the top right) that some people liked 10 or more of my posts is such short time and I’m thinking unless this person is a speed reader there’s no way they read all of those coz I know that some of my posts are pretty long.
    I didn’t think they fall under the “no comment” type because you mentioned that those readers actually “read the post” but just doesn’t bother to comment.
    But I do appreciate the visit and the effort to like my posts so, it’s all good though it defeats the purpose of my blogging which is to inspire and empower my readers. Which is why I alternate my posts to long and short & sweet. 🙂

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    1. Of late I too have came across such things – somebody liking 5-6 of my posts and then finally following the blog. Undoubtedly, they do it to earn a follow back or a few likes in return on their blog, that’s it. Yeah I didn’t count them in, can’t say why. I guess being new to blog sites, I was not acquainted to those “strings of likes” habit of people by then.
      Lastly, I just followed your blog. I did it not to acknowledge your effort for dropping this comment, but coz I loved the content there. Do not follow me back please. Not at least for the time being, let me earn it with my efforts. Good night!

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