A blog I have

I tapped on the WordPress app this evening. No, I wasn’t missing the blog, rather it happened fortuitously while clicking another icon. Several clouds of memory shaded my mind as I began scrolling through my previous posts. And predictably, this followed a strong impulse. This blog badly needs a new post. Before I complete writing a full-fledged entry (which would take a couple of days), I want to leave something which has been one of the pioneer of my outlook. Here it goes:

“I’ve often found that when you tell people your joys or sorrows they don’t really care – it passes from one ear to another. So I think it’s best to share as little as possible and believe that it’s going to be okay, because inevitably it does get okay – it’s the way the circle of life works.”


6 thoughts on “A blog I have

  1. Well said! Life is nothing but the choices we make! Honor them & Live life with the joy of knowing that it is the way of living you chose. 😊😊 As you said, it does get okay eventually.
    Best wishes,
    Shambhavi 😊🌻

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    1. I am really very sorry for being so late replying to this. Writing is one of the things I have always been very passionate about and that’s why I got into blogging and was enjoying it pretty much as well. However, with the passage of time, the pressure of graduation degree got so heavy, that studies began occupying almost the whole of my schedule and I had to quit blogging. However, this morning, I don’t know how and why, my mind reminded me of mixedwithmine and I decided to have a look of it. I logged in just a few minutes ago and the next thing that I saw was not just a blogpage but the flash of memories that I had made while celebrating one of my passions. Once again, thank you Bhavana!

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